Readme ( DCS Software Suite )
Minimum system Requirements :
1 Ghz Processor
128 MB ram
windows 2000 and above
(we advice to use win2000 professional/Win XP/Win2003/Vista to avail the maximum features)
Ideal system Requirements :
2 Ghz Processor or above
512 MB ram or above
Operating system - Windows XP Professional/ Vista
Operating System Pre-requisites
Desktop Edition : WinXp / Vista
Server Edition : Win2000-WinXp-/ Vista
Client Edition : Win2000/WinXp/ Vista
Username & Password to Login (Demo company)
User Name : admin
Password : admin
How to Install :

(Disable all antivirus/internet security/firewalls etc.)

1. Insert theSoftbiz Installer CD into the CD ROM Drive.
2. Select the Option as you needed from the wizard shown
3. The program will guide you through the process.

Contents of This CD

  1. Biz Software
  2. Sql Express 2005 ( Database for Biz Software)
  3. DOT NET framework ( Prerequisite for SQL Express)
  4. Windows Installer ( Prerequisite for SQL Express)
  5. MSDE 2000 ( Database for Biz Software running with low resources)
  6. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Opening PDF files)
  7. PDF Printer / Creator ( Creating PDF files of reports and sales bill)

Make sure that MSDE is installed before opening Inventory Biz. MSDE is the database engine ofSoftbiz Installer. If you are already using SQL Server 2000/SQL EXPRESS you need not install msde again. . You can skip the additional installs section and directly install 'Biz'. Make sure SQL Server password should be 'changeme'. You can install Biz even if you are using other softwares running with MSDE. Inventory Biz is capable to manage its database files seperately.

If Service Manager is not running, Run the service manager form StartMenu » Startup » Service Manager

InventoryBiz is using Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Network and Desktop applications. If SQL Server 2000/SQL EXPRESS is installed on a machine, then MSDE is not required, MSDE runs as a service on the machine where it is installed. It only needs to be installed once in the server and desktop machines. Client machines does not require MSDE to contact server. InventoryBiz server must be active to contact Clients. MSDE service can host multiple databases from different applications. If the MSDE or SQLServer is installed previously by any other applications and a password is set for the user 'sa'.
NT based Operating systems like Window 2000, Windows XP may Display a error message of login fails while trying to start MSDE service.

MSDE Login is set to local system Account and current logined local system account is different than installed one . Login Using the same user account will resolve the problem.
It is observed that some machines may have previous corrupted versions of MSDE and MSDE installation may abort.
It is advised to rectify all network and SqlServer Conflicts before continuing with MSDE installation of DCS INFOWAY InventoryBiz [Inventory & Accounting]

Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express):

This topic describes how to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express). It also identifies the setup options that differ from Microsoft SQL Server 2005. For local installations, you must run Setup as an administrator.

How to setup client system?
Before you install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express), make sure that you install the .NET Framework-2 (or higher), associated with SQL Server Express..
Hardware & Software Requirements :
Prerequesite Operating System: (System must be installed any one of the OS listed)
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1
  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1
  • Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition SP1
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition SP1
  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Windows XP Home Edition SP2
  • Windows XP Tablet Edition SP2
  • Windows XP Media Edition SP2
  • Windows 2000 Professional Edition SP4
  • Windows 2000 Server Edition SP4
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Edition SP4
  • Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Edition SP4
  • Virtual PC
  • Virtual Server
  • Windows Vista Home Basic²
  • Windows Vista Home Premium²
  • Windows Vista Business²
  • Windows Vista Enterprise²
  • Windows Vista Ultimate²
Prerequesite Application Softwares:
  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above
  2. Windows Installer 3.1 or above
Prerequesite Hardware:
  1. RAM Minimum: 192 MB. Recommended: 512 MB or higher
  2. Hard Disk space 600 MB free space
  3. Processor Pentium III Compatible or higher. CPU Speed 500 MHz (Minimum). Recommended: 1 GHz or higher
Installation Procedure

Step 1:

To begin installation, click SQL Express button from Soft Biz Installer.

Note: SQL Server Express is available as a self-extracting executable file (sqlexpr.exe) along with the Inventory Biz CD.








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Step 2:

The End User License Agreement appears in th Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup Wizard. Check the 'I accept the licensing terms and conditions'. Then Click Next.






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Step 3:

The Installing Prerequesites page appears in the setup wizard. Click Install.

It will Install the software components required for SQL Server Setup. After the Installation Click the Next Button, which will appear in the Same Window.






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Step 4:

Welcome to SQL Sever 2005 appears in the setup wizard. Click the Next button.






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Step 5:

The System Configuration Check page appears, which will check the system configuration. After the successful completion of checking process, Click the Next button.






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Step 6:

The Registration Information appears in the setup wizard.

  1. Fill the Name field with your Name.
  2. Fill the Company field with your company name.
  3. Uncheck the Hide Advanced configuration options.
  4. Then Click Next button.




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Step 7:

Feture Selection page appears in the setup wizard. Select Next button to continue installation in default location. (Advanced user can select the desired Installation path)






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Step 8:

Instance Name Page appears in the wizard.

  1. Select Named instance (it will be already selected in default condition) and there will also the text 'SQLExpress' in the text box.
  2. Click Next button.





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Step 9:

Service Account Page appears in the wizard.

  1. Select the Local system from pull down menu.
  2. Check both the SQL Server and SQL Browser in the Start services at the end of setup area.
  3. Click Next button.




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Step 10:

Authentication Mode Page appears in the wizard.

  1. Select the 'Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)'
  2. Set the password as 'changeme' (in small letter) in the 'Enter Password' area.
  3. Enter the password 'changeme' in the (in small letter) in the 'Confirm Password' area.
  4. Click Next Button.



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Step 11:

Collation Setting Page appears in the wizard.

  1. The SQL Collations (used for compatiblity with previous versions of SQL Server) selected in default condition.
  2. 'The Dictionery order, case-insensitive, for use with 1252 Charecter Set.' also selected defaultly.
  3. Click Next button.




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Step 12:

Configuration Options Page appears in the wizard.

  1. Check 'Enable User Instances'.
  2. Click Next button.





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Step 13:

Error and Usage Report Settings appears in the setup wizard.

  1. Leave both the checkboxes blank. (Advanced user can check the fields, if they need it).
  2. Click Next Button.





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Step 14:

Ready to Install Page appears in the wizard. Click Install Button. It will Install SQL Server 2005 in your system.







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Step 15:

The Setup Progress page appears in the wizard, and it shows the components configuration . After complete the configuration, click the Next button.







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Step 16:

Completing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup page appears in the wizard. Click the Finish button to complete the installation and close the wizard.

It is now ready to use the SQL Server as a Client System.

Note: To use your system as a Server system, please follow the following steps.




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Setup a Server System after Installing SQL Express:

Step 1:

After Installing SQL Express in server System. Load SQL Server Configuration Manager. (By Clicking Start>>Programs>>Microsoft SQL Server 2005>>Configuration Tools>>SQL Server Configuration Manager.)

Step 2:

There appears SQL Server Configuration Manager Window.

  1. From the tree line stucture Double Click SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration.
  2. Then Click the Protocols for SQL EXPRESS. In the Right Side of the window we can see the Protocols and respective Status.
  3. Set the Status of Shared Memory, Named Pipes, TCP/IP are Enabled by Right Click on the respective Prtotocol type and click 'Enabled'. Then close the window.
Setting up Client System

1)Make sure InventoryBiz client setup is installed in the client system

2)Follow Steps 1-6 from Server Setup

Click on Client Components and Select 'willbe installed on Hard drive'


Follow the same with Connectivity components also

Install the sql Server by clicking Next/Finish buttons. wait till the setup completes the installation and try to start I Biz short cut.